USS Enterprise (CV-6)

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US Navy Ship Wood

Blanks are 3/4" x 3/4"
5" x 3/4" Long blanks are $ 40 each
2.5" x 3/4" Short blanks are $ 25 each
Extra COAs are $2 each

All blanks will come with one COA per blank. COAs are 4" x 6" card stock with foil embossed COA seal.

All blanks are cut as they are ordered.


USS Enterprise (CV-6) was a Yorktown-class carrier built for the United States Navy during the 1930s. She was the seventh U.S. Navy vessel of that name. Colloquially called "The Big E", she was the sixth aircraft carrier of the U.S. Navy. Launched in 1936, she was one of only three American carriers commissioned before World War II to survive the war (the others being Saratoga and Ranger). She participated in more major actions of the war against Japan than any other U.S. ship. These actions included the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Battle of Midway, the Battle of the Eastern Solomons, the Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands, the Guadalcanal Campaign, the Battle of the Philippine Sea, and the Battle of Leyte Gulf. Enterprise earned 20 battle stars, more than any other ship, and was the most decorated U.S. ship of World War II. She was also the first U.S. ship to sink a full-sized enemy warship after the Pacific War had been declared when her aircraft sank the Japanese submarine I-70 on 10 December 1941. On three occasions during the war, the Japanese announced that she had been sunk in battle, inspiring her nickname "The Grey Ghost". By the end of the war, her planes and guns had downed 911 enemy planes, sank 71 ships, and damaged or destroyed 192 more. Enterprise was decommissioned February 17, 1947 just after the end of World War II after just shy of nine years of service.

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