NASA Space Shuttle Embedded Pen Blanks

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Space Shuttle Atlantis blanks contain:
- Nose Gear Tire
- Thermal Control System Blanket

Space Shuttle Columbia blanks contain:
- Payload Bay Liner
- Nose Gear Tire

Space Shuttle Discovery blanks contain:
- Payload Bay Liner
- Payload Bay Clamp Seal

Space Shuttle Endeavour blanks contain:
- Thermal Protection System Foam Tile
- Insulating Blanket Foil

All blanks will come with one COA per blank. COAs are 4" x 6" card stock with silver foil embossed COA seal.


The Space Shuttle was the first operational orbital spacecraft designed for reuse. Each Shuttle was designed for a projected lifespan of 100 launches or ten years of operational life, although this was later extended.

Each Space Shuttle was a reusable launch system composed of three main assemblies: the reusable orbital vehicle (OV), the expendable ET, and the two reusable solid rocket boosters (SRB). Only the OV entered orbit shortly after the tank and boosters are jettisoned. The vehicle was launched vertically like a conventional rocket, and the orbiter glided to a horizontal landing like an airplane, after which it was refurbished for reuse. The SRBs parachuted to splashdown in the ocean where they were towed back to shore and refurbished for later Shuttle missions.

Five operational OVs were built: Columbia (OV-102), Challenger (OV-099), Discovery (OV-103), Atlantis (OV-104), and Endeavour (OV-105). A mock-up, Inspiration, currently stands at the entrance to the Astronaut Hall of Fame. An additional craft, Enterprise (OV-101), was built for atmospheric testing gliding and landing; it was originally intended to be outfitted for orbital operations after the test program, but it was found more economical to upgrade the structural test article STA-099 into orbiter Challenger (OV-099).

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