Maneater Crafts is now a part of Stadium Pen Blanks!

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We are very excited to announce that Maneater Crafts is now a part of the Stadium Pen Blanks family of products!

All Maneater products can be found searching the collections listed below or a simple search of Maneater in the search block.


In March of 2022 Stadium Pen Blanks and Maneater Crafts negotiated the sale and transfer of ALL business operations and manufacturing of Maneater Crafts to Hardin Penworks, LLC (parent owner of Stadium Pen Blanks).

Stadium Pen Blanks will continue the long tradition of quality manufacturing of HDPE molds and silicone inserts, casting the original Maneater alligator jawbone blanks, and our full line of mica powders and mold releases. While the mica powders and silicone inserts will be immediately available, we will temporarily have limited stock of the HDPE molds as we get fully up to speed with the manufacturing process. As soon as the HDPE molds are fully back online, we will continue the casting of Maneater alligator jawbone blanks.

Bringing Maneater Crafts into our product line, the updated Maneater Crafts logo colors blend in the original Maneater green with the Hardin Penworks and Stadium Pen Blanks gradient color scheme.


You can find all the Maneater products here on the Stadium Pen Blanks page. Below are links to the section for each of the product groups.

  • Maneater HDPE molds can be found in the HDPE mold section here

  • Maneater Casting Pigment can be found in the Casting Dyes, Pigments, and Micas section here.

  • Maneater Mold Releases can be found in the Casting Accessories section here.

  • Maneater Alligator Jawbone blanks will soon be available under the Maneater Blanks section.




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