SPB Magic Juice Polishing Compound

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NEW LOOK!! Same great polish!!

Magic Juice now has an easier to follow step system of numbers for the bottles.

Polishing compounds for embedded object resin blanks, other resin based blanks, and CA or CC finishes too.

Magic Juice is available in 10ml Sample sets, 1oz sets, and 2oz sets. MJ is also available individually in 2oz bottles.

Get your Magic Juice holders HERE.

Magic Juice Holder System

How to use:

Magic Juice (MJ) is best used as a polishing compound for solid resin materials and plastics. MJ may also be used to polish items with a CA (Cyanoacrylate), CC (Craft Coat), or other similar product finish. For best results of hybrid and worthless wood blanks, a sealing finish of CA, CC, or similar is needed before polishing with MJ.

Prepare your turned items by wet sanding up to a recommended 2000 grit, however stopping at 800 grit is acceptable. Using a lathe speed of 2400-3000 rpm, work through the six-bottle MJ set. Start with STEP #1 and work up the numbers, with STEP #6 being last. A pencil eraser sized amount is all that is needed from each bottle. Polish the sanded item with mild pressure for 20-60 seconds. You will notice a change of a mild grit to a smoother feel while polishing. That smoother feel is your indication to move to the next bottle.

MJ is not recommended for use on friction polish finishes or raw unfinished woods. Magic Juice is water based; do not allow it to freeze.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Paul Carter
Manic Juice

I use Magic Juice on all my acrylic and castings. Works great love the final finish and ease of use.

Bob Christenson
Amazing stuff

I started using Magic Juice a week ago for the final polish on my pens that have a CA or Craftcoat finish on them. The sheen I am able to achieve is simply amazing. It takes less time than Micromesh and is much less messy. Highly recommend.

It’s really magic!

It’s been a serious game changer when it comes to the final polish on our turning projects. And it’s so quick and easy to use. This stuff truly is magic!

Eva Jo Wu


Nathan Booth

SPB Magic Juice Polishing Compound

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