SPB Magic Juice Polishing Compound

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The sample bottle 10ml sets will ship out after September 13th.

Polishing compounds for embedded object resin blanks, other resin based blanks, and CA or CC finishes too.

SPB comes in 1oz bottles sold individually or as a set of 6.

How to use:
Wet sanding up to 2000 grit sand paper is recommended however stopping at 800 grit is acceptable. Using the MJ, start with #35 first, then #15 then #10 then #8 then #5 and finally finish with #3 last. A small pencil eraser sized bit is all that is needed for each bottle. Polish the sanded pen blank with mild pressure avoiding friction heat for about 20-60 seconds for each bottle. You will feel the change form mild grit to smooth with each bottle. That smooth feel is the the notification to move to the next bottle. For best results, clean the blank of excess MJ Polish from the blank before proceeding to the next bottle.

MSDS for SPB Polishing Compounds:

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