St. Charles Streetcar Line

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Blanks are from the wooden seat slats of the St. Charles Streetcar Line seats.

Pen Blanks are a minimum of 3/4" sq or 5/8" sq
Ring Blanks are a minimum of 1-1/2" sq x 1/2"
Knife Scale sets are a minimum of  5" x 1-1/2" x 3/8"

All blanks will come with one COA per blank.


The St. Charles Streetcar line is a historic streetcar line in New Orleans, LA. Beginning operation in 1835, it is the oldest continuously operating streetcar line in the world. Officially the St. Charles Streetcar line is internally designated as Route 12, and it runs along its namesake street, St. Charles Avenue. On most RTA maps and publications, it is denoted in green, the color of the streetcars on this line.

Work began as the New Orleans and Carrollton Rail Road in February 1833. Passenger and freight services by steam locomotives began on September 26, 1835. Service began as a suburban railroad, since Carrollton was at that time a separate city, while areas along the route were still mostly undeveloped. As the area along the line became more urbanized, objections to the soot and noise produced by the locomotives increased, and transport was switched to cars that were powered by horses and mules. Desire grew for a mode more swift and powerful than horses. While the city's first experiments with electric powered cars were made in 1884, electric streetcars were not considered sufficiently developed for widespread use until the following decade, and the line was electrified Feb 1, 1893.

Currently, the St. Charles Streetcar line operates service 24 hours a day.

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